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How we work    


Nobel Mantrich Ltd is a professional service organisation providing companies with a specific range of high value consultancy, training and research services, focused on the professional management of large and diversified family business or closely-held groups of companies situated in emerging markets. Primarily for this but also for other types of organisations, Nobel Mantrich provides specialised deliverables in 5 core areas:

1) Family business management

2) Strategic management

3) Global marketing

4) Marketing for service organisations

5) Strategic marketing and planning



Of the many major disciplines and segments, we have deliberately chosen to focus on "problem solving"  in the these 5 highly interrelated areas, implying complex, multidisciplinary issues, each in its own way unusual and ground breaking, and requiring exceptional capabilities to address. We make expert use of proprietary state-of-the-art holistic consulting, training and research methodologies to deliver high quality, creative solutions to complex business issues in these areas.


In order to understand better how we work, take a look in the next few pages at the type of research, consulting and training we do in these areas.










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