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Nobel Mantrich Strategic Marketing Expertise provides a list of useful published knowledge and insights within the Knowledge Area on: Strategic Marketing Analysis, Design and Implementation;  Marketing Planning, Marketing Metrics; Marketing Communications; Brand Building; Customer Satisfaction and the Application of Strategic Marketing in Company Operations.  You can browse through the material and choose knowledge according to your area of interest:


Developments in Strategic Marketing

With greater application of technology, consumer choice is becoming more profused. In turn, choice a changing the marketplace landscape. This is also creating fundamental changes in the way we utilise marketing for the benefit of the organisation: To succeed, our tenets to successful marketing need to be:

  • Marketing is a way of life throughout the company.

  • There is an increasing blur between products and services - looking at markets in this way can lead to unhealthy paradigms.

  • Market share is only a small part of marketing success.

  • Information and Communications Technology is opening up limitless choices for customers. Technology in our offerings, whether in the background or on the forefront of consumers eyes is inevitable.

  • One-way communications vehicles in marketing are becoming obsolete.


Strategic Marketing in an Increasingly Uncertain World

Trends indicate that success will be much greater but ever more hard to predict. Risk is therefore becoming more pronounced as specific outcomes have become even more difficult to forecast. Risk management in marketing will therefore play a more critical role in the future and scenario thinking will assist organisations to grapple with the future. In this context, your company would be better off developing and exploiting consumer taste and demand as it arises. In order to be more successful in your marketing in the future you would also need to consider:

  • Focusing on detecting customers, measuring their satisfaction and getting their feedback.

  • Increasing the number of smaller ticket marketing investments and decrease the size of investment in each.

  • Implementing your strategies with solid and sustainable strategic principles cascaded to a flexible marketing budget that allows you to quickly shift to more successful investments as consumer appeal and demand materialises.

  • Exploiting how diffusion of adoption of product innovations takes place in your segment by keeping on the ball with consumer take up patterns and focusing on how social influences are emerging.

  • Building flexibility and bargaining power in your  supplier / intermediary contracts.



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