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Our Institute's strategic analysis, strategic design and strategic implementation services take a holistic look at a company's aspirations, testing and refining corporate objectives. The plan includes mapping a self-correcting process to achieve new levels of performance. It helps companies decide where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources. Strategic planning serves as a starting point for such related work as growth, portfolio strategy, diversification, international marketing and M&A strategy. Surprisingly, companies often fail to take a long-term view in strategic planning, mistakenly believing it does not necessarily lead to higher returns.


We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies, while focusing on the biggest issues they currently face and on the best way to get results. Throughout the process, the Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute reviews and challenges clients' strategy assumptions. We work to identify the largest opportunities to build value within the company and develop an understanding of how its current performance compares with its full corporate potential. We help clients identify capability gaps and marketplace opportunities and set up tactical goals and tracking systems that ensure results.


Leadership and Training

Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute promotes the development of leadership in client organizations. We encourage creativity and boldness in management talent through personal leadership coaching and campaign design, executive training seminars on strategy implementation and alliance-based competition, and alliance support for senior executives and leaders.

Strategy Consulting

Our proprietary methodologies enable clients to conceive strategies in terms of whole systems and future business evolution. This entails mapping the chaotic landscapes of customers, allies, and competitors within which new business models and business ecosystems are created. Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute supports our clients highest aspirations by helping plan and launch multi-dimensional campaigns that bring business models to life.

Our Portfolio of Services

Strategic success depends on a variety of building blocks. Our expertise lies in creating those building blocks, identifying which of these blocks are relevant to your business and then putting the blocks into place in the right position, in the right sequence and at the right time. We offer a comprehensive set of methods to assist clients with specific needs around internationalisation, expansion, diversification, focus, market share, competitiveness, and a number of other strategic priorities that your business may face.

The following are the services we offer our clients and Institute Members:

Head Office Strategy and Corporate Strategy

Our focus here is on creating value at the Corporate core of your organisation and removing value destroying activities. In other words: Synergy - making the corporate "whole" worth more than the sum of its parts. This is a huge challenge facing many multi-business companies, emerging giants and diversified family business groups of companies today. We work with clients and Institute Members to define a clear role for the corporate core that goes beyond coordinating and sharing resources, and monitoring operations. We help the corporate center shape the Group's strategy and boundaries and identify core competencies and across the board competitive advantages.

Uncovering Knowledge, competences and intangible assets:  These include capabilities or resources such as hidden brand strength, potential patents, relationships, networks, and talent. Uncovering competitive advantages hidden among the intangible assets in companies' core businesses can provide new growth avenues and new competitive focus for the whole organisation. Our role is to assist clients to analyse their processes, assets, resources and portfolios to identify new growth opportunities.

Strategic Business Unit Strategy (SBU Strategy)

Strategic Business Unit strategy:  A powerful SBU strategy  focuses on creating sustainable profitability, sound cash flow and stakeholder value. Strategy Dynamics and Game Theory are important tools we use in order to understand the value proposition and capture value from all parties in the industry, enlarge our client's market share and create long term sustainability.

Managing Uncertainty at SBU level: Understanding and mapping Uncertainty is the key to strategic success. We instigate clients to envision strategies that ride on trends and opportunities in the marketplace while creating the necessary caution and realism to deal with competitive threats in a dynamic and fast changing business landscape. We create the frameworks, processes and methodologies on which we can assist clients to think, analyse, plan and decide on winning strategies and cut-throat and volotile environments.

Focus, Consolidation and Growth Strategies

With limited resources, companies today cannot afford to generate aimless revenue activities which dissipate resources from more important sustainable and profitable operations. Our Consolidation and Focus methodologies allow clients to regain lost energy and spearhead into the right direction. Our Growth Program , on the other hand, enables clients to get on the fast track once the strategic focus has been decided upon. But developing strategy for growth is very different from creating strategy in low volatility markets. Growth creates special challenges that leaders need to crapple with as they tread into unknown territory. To meet such challenges, gain market share and enter new competitive spaces, clients need to learn and digest new knowledge and unlearn old ways of doing business. This is a tough challenge in which we handhold clients to make the critical leap and manage the risk.

Strategic Innovation

We have developed several approaches to help clients generate innovative strategic breakthoughs. Our creative strategy building methodology that perceives "strategy as revolution" enables clients to identify feasible, feet-on-the-ground revolutionary strategies and business models that enable them to create new competitor and market space never thought of before.

Strategic Planning Processes

Way back since 1984, long before Nobel Mantrich was established, our Founders have consistently studied at a longitudinal level, several diversified businesses with corporate head office having a span of business units under its control. We have today developed proprietary knowledge that enables us to understand, give advice and create frameworks that help clients take appropriate decisions based on holistic and robust strategic planning processes at a corporate strategy and business strategy level.

Strategy Dynamics and Game Theory

Strategy is the prime reason why firms succeed or fail. A well crafted strategy which is not implementable is as bad a strategy as one which is illogical but well implemented.  A crafted strategy has a huge number of factors on which its success depends. This is because strategic decision are in effect important critical decisions. Like billiard balls on a billiard table, most strategy decisions contain significant  interdependencies and "dynamic relationships" to internal and external factors. For example, the best strategies for our clients often depend vitally on the strategic choices made by other players in their industry. Leaders are aware of these "dynamic relationships"  but don't always know how to map, systemically describe the totality of the competitive landscape,  predict, and/or shape the strategic choices of other players in order to ensure their own strategies are successful. Our Systems Thinking and Game Theory approaches provide a comprehensive process and set of analytical tools to model and leverage such competitive strategy, dynamic relationships and and outcomes.

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The Global Emerging Giants Network (GEGN) in collaboration with Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute also offers a range of strategy services specifically for Emerging Giants and diversified Family Business Groups(FBGs). These include:


1) Strategically Positioning the Emerging Giant and FBG in the Global Economy

The dismantling of barriers to international trade is opening up huge forces. How should diversified family groups and conglomerates react to these forces and take advantage of them?

2) Creating Competitive Advantage and Core Competence for the Emerging Giant and multi-business FBG

The pressures facing multibusiness firms are intense and multifaceted. Financial markets, banks, boards of directors, and non-active family shareholders all demand that leaders formulate powerful corporate strategies. And as competition within product markets intensifies, diversified companies are discovering that success depends on the combined assets, skills, and capabilities of the organisation as a whole. The complexity of diversification makes focus difficult. How can budding diversified giants from emerging countries achieve the right balance in an increasingly hostile and focused competitive environment? What tools can they use to strategise in this direction? How can they achieve synergy and continue creating competitive advantage.

3) Finetuning the Strategic Pattern of Diversification
All multibusiness companies need to be able to justify their ownership of the businesses in the group. The corporate-level strategy must therefore show how and why the parent adds value to the businesses. How can a fast growth conglomerate diversify to meet new opportunities without compromising its core competencies. What are these patterns of diversification? When do groups of companies generally go wrong in their diversification efforts? How can Family Business Groups avoid these pitfalls?

4) Identifying the Critical Factors of Success in Diversified Groups in Emerging Markets

GEGN in collaboration with the Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute will enable Family Business Groups to discover the factors which affect the success or failure of such a fragile organisation in its originating host market economy and together explore insights into how the your FBG can succeed in reaching its maximum capabilities. What are the pre-requisites for becoming an Emerging International Giant? Tata in India, Haier in China, Hyundai in South Korea, Olympic in Egypt, Solh in Lebanon, SembCorp in Singapore, IBL in Mauritius were once small groups of companies who have grown to their level of today. What were the contexts and patterns in the path which has led to their successful growth? How did these Groups make up for the lack of national infrastructure which initially hindered their international growth? How can your Group of companies learn from these experiences?

5) Strategic Preparation for "The Fight of the Giants"
Your Family Business Group is one of the major business groups in your country. Your Group forms part of the backbone of your local economy. How can your Family Business Group protect itself and continue sustaining itself in the future? How can it compete against tough foreign giant multinationals who want to gradually erode its local and international market territory?


Our Step-by-Step Strategy Service Process:

1) Strategic Analysis

Facts, analysis, and insight are the primary tools we bring to the strategy process. Typically, a company maintains an incomplete fact base about its business, especially the crucial external data concerning its markets, customers, and competition. We assemble this fact base and apply a proven, innovative set of analytical tools to spotlight how the particular business creates value and derives its competitive advantage. Based on data, driven by analysis and informed by experience, our rigorous approach creates successful strategies. By pursuing strategies that enable them to deliver value to customers better than their competition, Nobel Mantrich 's clients realize bottom-line results in terms of market value, revenue, and profit.


2) Strategic Design

Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute, and our clients, have come to believe that designing and nurturing new business models is central to surviving in the new economy.

The Institute's primary mission is to work on a day-to-day basis with leaders who wish to create new business models and business ecosystems. This entails mapping the chaotic landscapes of customers, allies, and competitors within which we live. It means designing and assessing alternative business models. It requires planning and launching multi-dimensional campaigns that bring business models to life. The point is to support the boldness, high aspirations, and creativity at the heart of leadership. And to do so with systematic, tested processes of design, evaluation and implementation.

3) Strategy Implementation

The Institute accelerates strategy implementation by focusing on radically improving organizational performance. Nobel Mantrich works to align clients' capabilities with client strategy and the demands of a dynamic business environment. We identify key points of organizational leverage and map business change agendas. The Institute's consultants and trainers advise clients on leadership selection and succession planning, organizational design, partnership across organizational, industry or cultural lines, improving product realization, and executive development for individuals and teams. Our focus here is on managing the change process and implementing methodologies which reduce resistence to change and raises "buy-in".

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