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Research Services    


With its mastery of the use of high-tech research techniques, Nobel Mantrich is able to creatively employ the most state-of-the-art statistical and modelling methods available to help clients make their most critical business decisions.

Nobel Mantrich, has unparalleled experience in qualitative and quantitative techniques, and an impressive track record across a wide range of market segments. And because the company culture is a unique balance of scientific methodology and business focus, it provides its clients with more than just research. It provides actionable information. Because, bottom line, the job of Nobel Mantrich is not to gather data, but to help clients succeed.

As a research organisation the company specialises in market demand and perception, competitor positioning and performance monitoring within international markets and sectors.

This involves not only research but considerable skills in the interpretation of results and the development of future strategies.



The company also undertakes industry analysis and investigations of potential international markets particularly for family business groups.

Nobel Mantrich Ltd considers itself to be at the forefront of market research technology and undertakes much of its own research and development work into new techniques. This is aided by the close links the company has with an international marketing research agency from where it draws on a number of specialists. This means that the company is able to offer a top quality professional service that is backed up by the latest thinking in a variety of fields. Thus it is able to offer a comprehensive research and strategy development service to its clients.

The company does not involve itself in normal “run-of-the-mill” packaged research; each client is treated as having its own individual needs and research is designed to meet those particular requirements. Due to the nature of the projects undertaken, the research usually has significant strategic implications and thus can impact directly on the performance of the client organisation and its mission.





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