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Nobel Mantrich Global Emerging Giants Network (GEGN)

The Family Business Group/Emerging Giant Profile


Nobel Mantrich GEGN is the international networking center for Family Business Groups (FBGs) in emerging countries. It is a unique organisation globally. It's specialisation is in consulting, research, training and benchmarking to family businesses who own a diversified group of companies beyond the founding generation.



The diversified nature of such firms, their family business nature, the fact that they have reached 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more generations since their foundation, the contribution that such groups make to their local, fast growing economy make this a very special type of organisation with very special needs.





The pressures facing FBGs are intense and multifaceted. Capital markets, boards of directors, and family owners all demand that leaders formulate powerful corporate strategies.


As competition within product markets intensifies, diversified FBGs are discovering that success depends on the combined assets, skills, and capabilities of the firm as a whole.










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