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The Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Center

The Center is one of the leading pioneers in research, consulting and training within marketing as applied specifically to the service industry. Our Center has established itself as a recognised authority on how to compete strategically and develop marketing leadership through the profitable use of services.


What makes us unique is our association with research, consulting and training institutions in various parts of the world within the services marketing field. Although the theorical base is important, our priority is to apply what really works in services marketing to the real world of business.


The Center's success is due to our partnership with the business community. Our consultants, trainers, partner organisations and client organisations provide us with valuable insights into the challenges that firms face in the services arena. We partner with our community and the Center's Members on research and projects in a "real world" context that keeps our message practical and vital. We synergise across industries and functions with companies, institutions and experts who can help each other find new important methods to compete through service.


Becoming a Member of the Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Center would enable you to benefit from:

  1. Cross-industry networking and benchmarking opportunities

  2. Obtain the exclusive opportunity to have the Center develop and conduct customised executive education and problem focused research

  3. Obtain priority registration at special member rates for the Center's annual education programs

  4. Access the latest research, trends and information on the effective marketing and management of services.

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Next Executive Program in Marketing of Services


The content of the next Executive Program in Marketing of Services is focused on getting participants to learn how to lead and manage successful service organizations by delivering quality services to the marketplace within a dynamic environment. The core of the course is structured around understanding and developing strategies to address four key content areas adapted from the service quality gap model. These four areas are described below.


Closing Gap 1: Understanding Customer Expectations and Perceptions

The course is based on understanding consumers’ expectations and perceptions of services. Participants learn how consumers’ expectations (the standards of performance against which service experiences are compared) are formed, how they change and what firms can do to influence expectations. They also explore customer perceptions of service quality and how the interactions between customers and firms (service encounters) affect perceived value and quality. 


Not knowing what customers expect is often a key cause of a firm’s failure to deliver service quality. Participants need to learn the appropriate research tools for understanding customers’ service expectations as well as approaches for understanding and managing current customer relationships.


Closing Gap 2: Specifying Service Standards and Offerings

A recurring theme in service organizations such as yours is the difficulty experienced in translating customer expectations into service concepts, service designs and specific standards for service delivery. The intangibility, heterogeneity and perishability of services make these tasks particularly challenging. Participants learn to develop customer‑defined (rather than company‑defined) service standards, to understand the role of service leaders and to apply specific tools (e.g., service blueprinting) for designing and positioning intangibles in order to address these critical issues.


Closing Gap 3: Delivering Service

Even when guidelines exist for performing services well and treating customers correctly, high quality service performance is not a certainty. To address this problem, participants need to learn about human resource issues in service firms. These include: selecting service‑oriented people; designing strategies for empowering service workers; and implementing training programs and reward structures linked to service quality. Understanding the impact of intermediaries and defining the role of customers in creating service outcomes are also critical issues in delivering quality service.


Closing Gap 4: Communicating with Customers

Promises made by a service organization through its advertising, sales force and other forms of communication may potentially raise customer expectations beyond what can actually be delivered. In this instance, participants explore how pricing, physical evidence, service guarantees, and other forms of communication (as well as the nature of the interfunctional communication between marketing and operations groups) can have a significant effect on customer expectations of service quality.


Through exposure to the frameworks and strategies that relate to the four core areas described above, we believe participants will have the substantive content they need to lead and manage effective service organizations. Throughout the course, they are learning critical new content and ways of viewing traditional marketing content that will be required for effective leaders of the future.


Most participants are inherently interested in services marketing because of their personal experiences as service consumers and providers. We integrate such an “active learning” approach very effectively into the services marketing course since participants’ past services experiences allow them to construct new knowledge fairly easily based on existing situations within your company. Learn more on our training methods.....


Individual Sessions

The above complete Executive Program can also be broken down into separate modules and each module can be taken individually according to the requirements of the company. Example of Course Sessions (eg. half-day each session)

  1. What is so special about the Marketing of Services?

  2. Listening to Services Requirements – Understanding Service Customer Expectations

  3. Marketing Research in Services

  4. Building Customer Relationships in Services

  5. Designing the Right Service Format – Building a Service Blueprint Map and KPIs

  6. Delivering to Chosen Service Format – The Moment of Truth – Aligning Staff, Customer and Technology

  7. Matching Service Performance to Promises – The 16 Winning Steps to Integrating Services Marketing Communication


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