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Who we are:    

What we have done can best clarify who we are:

What do we stand for:


  • Turning an ailing, family-run group of companies in an emerging country into a thriving example of good corporate governance.

  • Reviving a slow, monopolistic and bureaucratic government agency into an agile and responsive contender in the private sector under a new regulatory regime.

  • Transforming a local foods manufacturer with outdated products into an award-winning consumer-based company in the global market.

Our expert associates are exceptional people with exceptional capabilities. We have trained and coached them every step of the way to approach clients with a high degree of energy, talent and enthusiasm. They have great analytical powers and communication skills. They are very tactical but make no compromise in driving home to clients honest and objective advice.


Our expert associates have a rich and varied experience working on some of the best international blue clients on groundbreaking assignments in a variety of countries from around the world .



We stand for helping clients make breakthrough and long lasting improvements and achievements.  Since 1989, we have stood and we will continue to stand for this purpose.


Our beliefs:

  • Work with clients like working with partners.

  • Every step of improvement to our clients is a step of improvement to us. So give the best to each client.

  • Take a leadership perspective of the client.

  • Give objective unbiased advise based on clear reliable facts, figures and knowledge.

  • Strict confidentiality, security to the client and a relentless avoidance of conflict of interest are prerequisites for a successful long term relationship with a client.


NOBEL stands for:

The willingness to stand alone The confidence to challenge the conventional The holding of a purpose that encompasses all of humankind The "unreasonable" passion of being your best The perseverance to do as you dream The desire to leave the planet a better place








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