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Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Center (SMC)

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The Services Marketing Knowledge Area

SMC Members' Area


In the Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Knowledge Area you will find a list of useful published knowledge and insights on: Understanding Customer Expectations and Perceptions in a Service Context; Specifying Service Processes, Standards and Offerings; Ensuring Effective Service Delivery;  Service Marketing Communications. You can browse through the material and choose knowledge according to your area of interest.


The Objectives of the Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Center Knowledge Area

The world economy, is dominated by services. Yet, most of the knowledge available in marketing has traditionally  focused on the manufacturing sector of the economy. This Knowledge Area is is designed for those organisations and individuals who are interested in the services dimension of the product offer or who may be leaders and managers themselves in service industries. In view of this, this Knowledge Area will address the distinct needs and problems of service organisations in the area of marketing.

The primary theme of the Services Marketing Center Knowledge Area is that service organisations (e.g., banks, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, professional services, transportation companies) require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy, both in its development and execution. The Knowledge Area builds on ideas from other marketing disciplines to make them applicable in service industry settings.

Services Marketing also involves the role of service in manufacturing businesses. The Member of the Services Marketing Center will therefore also gain an appreciation of the importance of the service element in the manufactured goods sector and the use of the "service" element as a primary source of competitive advantage. This Knowledge Area  will also help you gain an understanding of services marketing issues and provide you with a good foundation for your services marketing business endeavors.

The Knowledge Area will also provide you with the essential knowledge about the subject. The application of this knowledge will help you develop the necessary understanding and skills to enable you to apply the marketing of services approach to yourself and your job.



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