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Where we started    


When we pioneered in the consulting industry in the late 1980s, we were starting with several handicaps. The sum and substance of these was that we needed to learn everything from scratch. We needed to understand the consulting process, client relationship management, as well as the need to remain continuously updated in our field of expertise.

We started as members within a team working on small assignments where we were essentially given sub-contracted work as part of a full consultancy, training or research service to third parties.  As we learned, we made the transition to executing large projects ourselves and developed competencies in consulting, training and research in various management fields. Since Nobel Mantrich's beginning, the company has seen nothing but upward momentum.

The next step was to work on integration of whole consulting projects and on outsourcing parts of the assignments ourselves. This way we could start taking full responsibility for large projects while remaining lean and motivating our outsource partners to perform successfully to our high standards.

The last decade has been characterised by Nobel Mantrich's  significant achievements on the family business, strategy and marketing front, with all our centres being given substantial commendation by clients for the quality of results and deliverables. This is a significant milestone in our value transition phase.



The Focus

The focus of Nobel Mantrich has always been to helping companies and family businesses create distinctive  advantages that set them apart from competitors. However, what Nobel Mantrich did in the 1980s is very different from what we offer today. Through our centres of excellence and institutions i.e. 1) the Global Emerging Giants Network, 2) the Nobel Mantrich Strategy Institute, 3) the Nobel Mantrich Global Marketing Forum, 4) our Nobel Mantrich Services Marketing Center and 5) our marketing strategy and planning services, we are positioned today to be a consulting, training and research organisation with an integrated array of offerings in a diversity of markets but within the above five focused disciplines.

The Challenges

Why did we need to do all this? We are facing the same challenges market leaders have always faced: our core competencies of the past have either been duplicated by others or are irrelevant in today’s world. Unless we constantly reinvent ourselves, we face the very real prospect of becoming irrelevant. True leaders recognise this and measure themselves on this very exacting benchmark. We believe we owe it to our clients, our people and ourselves to maintain our leadership and excellence in our spheres of expertise.











"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." —T.S.Eliot




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