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Through this Knowledge Area, Nobel Mantrich Global Marketing Forum provides a list of useful published knowledge and insights on: International Marketing, Export Marketing, International Business, International Trade, International Product Adaptation, International Marketing Research, International Pricing, Methods of International Payment, International Risk Management, Global Marketing Communications and Modes of Entry into International Markets, Distribution and logistics.  You can browse through the material and choose knowledge according to your area of interest:

The rapid changes occurring in international marketing, and the growing importance of international markets to companies of all sizes, have made knowledge about global marketing ever more important to a wider variety of leaders, managers and professions.

The trend is for markets throughout the world to be sought after by businesses from many countries. Indications are that competition for world markets will continue to intensify, thus decreasing the number of companies that operate solely in domestic markets. Even though you may not be directly operating within an international division of a company, or the company for whom you work may not be engaged in business outside your country, you still need to be aware of the problems and processes of international marketing so you can understand todays business environment and the problems of your customers who are involved in international business. In short, to understand business at almost any level you must be knowledgeable about both domestic and international marketing activities.

Major global changes, including e-commerce, have opened new opportunities for businesses ranging from one-person operations to corporate giants. With a viable product or service a company can now find potential customers and means of distribution across the globe.

The basic aims and objectives of this Global Marketing Forum Knowledge Area is to enable members to apply international marketing techniques to both large international organisations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. The emphasis in this Knowledge Area is also on exporting, given its position as the major international activity of the majority of businesses and its extensive use by virtually all global companies. The emphasis is a reflection of the international marketing environment. In terms of the number of companies doing some type of international business.



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