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The identification and successful pursuit of opportunity — wherever located — depends upon commitment, vision and, crucially, the skills and knowledge to realise it. The progressive removal of barriers to international trade has meant that the majority of companies have had to adopt a global view of their business rather than one centred on their domestic market. In this context, successful international trading has become vital to future growth, to the economic and social development of emerging countries and the enhancement of their quality of life.

The economic well being of many emerging markets hinges on the improved performance of their business people and companies doing business in the international marketplace. Through its training, research and consulting programs, Nobel Mantrich Global Marketing Forum supplies individual entrepreneurs and business professionals that want to become successful established exporters with practical trade skills and a competitive leading edge within the international market. The growing number of skilled entrants into the international market place will help fuel the growth of emerging market economies which in turn will translate into more business and employment opportunities for such countries.

For example, our Exporter Development Program not only seeks to highlight the challenges and opportunities but, more importantly, attempts to help companies to think and act pro-actively within a global scenario where liberalisation, cut-throat competition, and rapidly changing markets are the order of the day.

Strategies and recipes for success that worked yesterday do not necessarily apply today. Companies are now faced with the onerous task of changing the way they operate. The need to “Think Global” and to develop effective strategies in an increasingly demanding business environment is imperative. In view of this, our programs aim to shed light on possible strategies and approaches that companies may adopt in their bid to survive and hopefully, thrive in today’s global marketplace.

There is an acute need for greater skills development among many emerging industrial and service firms in developing countries, making the transition from domestic to international markets. Many of such firms have difficulties implementing an international strategy because of an inability to secure financing, insufficient planning, and a lack of overall skills and knowledge among their staff and management core. Up to now, only limited training, consulting and research has been available. Nobel Mantrich Global Marketing Forum is one of the key international forums that deliver international marketing knowledge successfully. It looks forward to take on the challenge to do its share to transform organisations into successful international competitors.



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Through the Exporter Development Program the fundamental steps to global marketing are simple when broken down and explained. Session by session, each participant will perform one essential step, leading to the founding of a successful international marketing operation. Ensuring export readiness, choosing the export target country, adapting the right product to the international market, choosing distributors, logistics, risk management, getting paid and international marketing communications are completed step by step in an easily digestible and practical program.


Training in International Marketing

Quality professional training and consulting is essential to maintain a competitive edge in the increasingly difficult and dynamic world of global marketing. Competent, confident, and qualified staff is needed to operate successfully in a complex and technical commercial environment.

For example, our specialist training can be made available through a single or multi-day program organised between Nobel Mantrich Global Marketing Forum and the client. We have formulated this program for all those professionals and entrepreneurs who have the willingness to export or who are looking towards expanding their business in the international marketplace. We believe that the way we have devised the Exporter Development Program, will make it easy for participants to know and implement the right steps to build a successful export operation from scratch.

Our international marketing training programs are practical and hands-on. The programs have a lively and active format that allows participants to ask questions, discuss issues with other participants and the course leader, and test some of the practical skills associated with the international marketing process. Participants would undergo a combination of conferences and benchmarking workshops (where applicable) together with practical case studies, discussion workshops with people experienced in exporting, and ad-hoc seminars on specific themes. For the experienced exporter, these courses will also help to update related knowledge.

Our courses have been built on our previous successful experience with running such programs on behalf of several companies and organisations internationally. In view of this, our training consists of intensive workshops emphasising the real intricacies of conducting business in export markets. Programs stress operational, financial, and cultural challenges in marketing products and services internationally. Such courses are designed for individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to develop the skills necessary for success in the global marketplace.



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