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CSR Professional Certification: CSR PRO


Professional Certification Courses in Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility are areas of rapidly growing importance in which the GEGN has a leading research position particularly in the way it applies to emerging market organisations. Our programmes are designed for those wishing to better understand the complex and dynamic relationships between organisations and their stakeholders. The role of governance is to set out the rules within which an organisation must operate - and to ensure those rules are observed. Its focus is on a range of issues concerning the proper management of organisations. Corporate governance is thus central to the evolution of strategy and policy - and hence, effective management.

Since many GEGN certification participants and students are working, our professional certification courses brings together those with relevant experience and an interest in developing further professionally. One leading course in this direction is a jointly run programme between GEGN and Green Earth Alliance. This is a unique Professional Certification course in Corporate Social Responsibility, known as CSR PRO This course is relevant to directors and non-executive board members, managers, consultants and those interested in governance, corporate social responsibility and ethics in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The Organisers

Nobel Mantrich Institute
Nobel Mantrich Institute (NMI) is a European management education, consultancy and research institute established since 1989 specialising in developing emerging market multinationals in the area of strategy, CSR and governance. NMI runs examinations and issues certification for its programs to many institutions from around the world including BRIC-PED in Brazil, EI Institute in China, BBusinesss in Dubai, Arabia Training Institute in Egypt. eXeed in Lebanon, Logic in Saudi Arabia, PTI in Vietnam and many others. NMI is also a subcontractor of internationally accredited courses to such institutions as the Maastricht School of Management and Ernst & Young worldwide. NMI runs the Global Emerging Giants Network (GEGN) which specialises in tracking, researching and benchmarking global strategies and CSR initiatives of corporations from emerging countries that are rapidly becoming successful multinationals. The likes of Tata, Cemex, Hyundai, Mahindra, Orascom, Huawei, Rusal and Brasil Foods. It then disseminates valuable insights about such corporations through publications, conferences, seminars, courses, certification standards, forums and programs. NMI is one of the first international institutes to offer a credential specifically for CSR professionals. Developed by professional practitioners and representing a global audience, CSR Professional certification offers the candidate a technical, professional and financial edge.

Green Earth Alliance (GEA)

Green Earth Alliance is a multi-stakeholder and multidimensional socio-commercial endeavour of “SFID” (Society for Inclusive Development), launched to provide knowledge driven, innovative, sustainable & holistic development solutions through its “network of networks” to Governments, NGOs, Corporations, Multilateral agencies, Academia & CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) to strengthen regional cooperation, cultural diversity and prosperity for meaningful, equitable social and economic growth. The principal objective is to contribute in the achievement of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. GEA is a unique collaborative international project with presence of its network partners in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, USA, Ireland and South Africa, working on the vision, interests and resources of its Alliance partners to converge the spirit of social entrepreneurship, responsible business ( CSR) and philanthropy, thus merging the financial dividend with the social dividend for all its stakeholders.

How CSR PRO works

Online coursework: 4 weeks, self-paced

Approximately 12 hours of coursework at your own pace during the 4 weeks of the Foundation certificate in CSR Professional. Currently the following course is open for registration:

Foundation Course 131: A foundation CSR professional certification with a global orientation but includes a specific CSR context on India.

In this self-paced coursework you will interact with other learners through online work and group activities. All required coursework and assignments must be completed and submitted on or before the pre-advised deadlines.

The course includes a 1 hour assessment part which is administered in a physical location under examination conditions in an accredited location in India.

Successful completion of this course qualifies participants to Level 1 of CSR Professional CSR PRO. This is a valuable entry-level certification for CSR practitioners. Designed for those with little or no CSR experience, the CSR Professional: Foundation demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, processes and terminology in the implementation and management of effective corporate social responsibility (CSR).



Why Earn GEGN Professional Certification: CSR PRO?

In a world which is increasing becoming integrated, ethics and social responsibility awareness and competence has rapidly become a requirement in the management and leadership of any organisation. Professional certification ensures that managers are ready to meet the demands of corporate responsibility across the globe.

Practical: This totally online, flexible certificate prepares you with foundational knowledge, understandings and skills that are essential for any manager and director working in areas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. You can begin applying new knowledge and skills immediately.

High quality: The certificate models a principles-to-practice approach. Course content reflects only the most reliable, research-based knowledge in the field of CSR, which is then translated into practical strategies for managers and practitioners.

Marketable: Your Professional Certification CSR PRO serves as a demonstration of your knowledge and skills in CSR, which can be shared with current or potential employers or client organisations.

Expert feedback: Dedicated instructional staff, experts in CSR and Business Ethics, provide feedback on your CSR coursework and are available for consultation during your certificate program.

Belonging to the CSR Professional community: CSR PRO provides collaboration opportunities and connections with other CSR Professionals and organisations interested in strengthening than CSR capacity.

Course Outline for CSR PRO Foundation Course 131:

  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility as a Profession

  • The CSR Professional Qualifications

  • ISO 26000 as a key base to CSR and The 7 Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility: Fitting CSR within the Organisation's Strategic Vision and Plan

  • The Mantrich CSR Implementation Framework

  • Stakeholder management: Characteristics and Issues

  • The CSR Stakeholder Review Meeting

  • Introducing CR Indicators

  • Indian law: Background, Discussion and Detail

  • CR Reporting Standards: GRI, ISEA, SRR

  • Exam Online Practice & Quizzing

  • CSR Professional: Foundation Examination (60 min)

Contact us to register for CSR Professional Foundation Certification Course.....

Download CSR Professional Foundation Brochure:

Knowledge Downloads for registered CSR and Corporate Governance Professional Members:

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